Mark is a very considerate trainer. He is very patient and attentive. We began with a helpful skype session. I received a very thorough fitness assessment from Mark after filling out the form on his site. The gym he uses for in-person sessions has great gear! Mark is honest and realistic about what I can do to achieve my fitness goals (In this case treat a muscle in my shoulder). The sessions leave me with a better idea of how to use proper form and avoid future injuries. I am happy to continue training with Mark.” –MARIANNE CARMELA MENDOZA

I started with Mark’s bootcamp over 3 years ago and I totally enjoyed it. Mark always make it fun and challenging at the same time. I enjoyed it so much I wanted more sessions and I decided to sign up for personal training with him. Unfortunately I was in a motorcycle accident last August and am unable to continue with his bootcamp. I have continued personal training with Mark and he has been a tremendous help with my pain. He is patient and knowledgeable. He always texts to make sure I’m not in pain or ask if I have been doing my stretching. (Like a nagging mom lol!) I have every confidence the training I am doing with Mark will lead me to a quick recovery and a stronger core! Thank you Mark for all that you have done for me!!” –MARY JAO

Thank you to my trainer Mark! I’m down 15.75 inches and 15 pounds since January 2! Thank you for encouraging me and pushing me to keep going despite all my grunts, sighs and dirty looks lol. He really focuses on your problem areas and listens to what you want. Looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with Mark!” –MARLEE ANNA BENNETT

After being offered to try out one session with Mark to assess my overall fitness, I was happy with how mark was able to identify some of my weak areas and my incorrect form, both things I was completely unaware of. This is why I decided to continue to have him as my personal trainer. Having someone make those custom corrections is something you don’t normally get out of fitness or yoga classes. I specifically wanted to focus on my shoulders and back because I felt they were disabling me from progressing in my yoga classes and I’ve never been able to properly strengthen those areas. Mark provided me with 10 days of personal training that was rated at $45 per session, which definitely a good deal considering what you’ll get out of it.  A few days after every personal training session, Mark would send me a fitness routine complete with photos, number or reps and sets, etc. that would basically summarize what we focused on in our training session and things for me to work on between our next visit (you won’t find personal trainers out there that are willing to provide this additional service as part of your $45 dollar training). I found this very helpful to take to the gym with me and to help me continue with my fitness goals. He was very catering to many of my requests and provided me with great feedback. I’ve finished the 10 sessions and overall my shoulder strength has noticeably improved, in addition to a lot of areas. He’s made me much more aware of how to properly incorporate moves from any of my fitness classes and not compromise proper form. He offered great assistance to my specific goals and I would definitely recommend working with him.” –Rachel Mason

My son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 7. Although he was an active child during his swimming and gymnastics lessons, as he got older, he presented unique challenges to physical fitness. He had problems with motor muscle skills, including balance and coordination. In addition to those challenges, he also had difficulties joining games at recess (due to lack of traditional social and communication skills). I remember it was very difficult for him to try to catch a ball. Learning to ride a bike or skating took a bit longer than usual and he did not enjoyed it. Many times he would have been seen as clumsy.  My son was 15 years old when we met Mark Salgado, we attended one of his group core training classes. I was very taken aback to see how my son was struggling not only to follow instructions but completely unaware of his body and his movements. That was the first time I realized that he just couldn’t jump the rope.  But the biggest challenge my son was facing at the moment was motivation. Exercise was meaningfulness and purposefulness from his perspective; in addition his past experiences triggered memories of past anxieties and failures. Very soon after the first sessions, Mark Salgado had already worked with my son by developing good knowledge of his strengths and interest. He has always paid attention when my son seems preoccupied with something and helps him to redirect. Mark keeps an eye to the levels of frustration or anxiety and supports my son through the completion of the task. He understands that my son presents processing and pacing issues inherent to his autism and patiently present cues and reinforcement to the behaviours that are expected. With great patience Mark will teach my son new tasks by modeling so he has a clear vision of task sequences and expected outcomes. He is also good at capturing the opportunity to expand the task when interest is high. One of my favourite parts is the social environment created where my son works out, Mark had made sure that everyone involved encourages and supports efforts whenever possible.  Finally, Mark has done an amazing job remembering always to reward my son’s effort. Failure, sarcasm and ridicule are not longer part of his physical education life. Today, after two years of working with Mark my son: – has had a significant improvement on his muscle strength, coordination and flexibility  – is experiencing a better balance, motor skills and body awareness – is currently working on his exercise endurance – has created sufficient confidence on his routine to boost his self-esteem.” –Maylen Crespo

“After months of thinking I have lots of time to get fit and wedding ready, time started creeping up. It was crunch time! I had taken Bootcamp with Mark several years ago and knew that he’d be the perfect person to kick my butt into shape. It was very comforting to know that after so many years Mark still knew where I had injuries and where my weak areas were.  Little did I know that he’d find the source of my weaknesses through his thorough assessments. Personal training with Mark was very educational and I could definitely see results. My core was stronger and I could see more shape in my back and arms. Unfortunately I was only able to take on a month of PT with Mark, but even so Mark was very helpful as he provided photo workouts and ‘homework’ that I can use while I take on the next month by myself. I highly recommend taking one on ones with Mark as he concentrates on strengthening problem areas so that you’re more aware of your posture on a day to day basis. His attention to detail and motivation to help better ones overall health is in itself a bonus. You can’t find a lot off trainers out there that devote that much time to helping you be the better you! FYI he beats you in a good way, no pain no gain!” –Tatiana Tan

“Mark at Core Focus is an excellent trainer who is attentive to detail, creative with his workouts, and cares about the well being of his clients. I am impressed at how he is able to provide such variety in the exercises while tailoring it to each person by suggesting more or less challenging variations. Every workout is different and it never gets boring. A functional movement assessment is included with the training where Mark provides targeted exercises to help you improve and get stronger. I have noticed a difference with only a few sessions. I highly recommend Core Focus if you’re looking to start exercising for the first time, or a long time exerciser looking to step up your workout. There’s room for anyone wanting to get stronger, or have an injury and don’t know where to start. It doesn’t matter what level you are at. They tailor the workouts for each person, and always make it fun and challenging in a friendly environment. They have two locations, one in Richmond and one in Port Coquitlam. ” –P Jones

“Just like most mamas, I love carrying my (not so little) children. And since I’m right handed, I normally perch my babe on my left hip so my right hand is free to do whatever else I need to do. So after years and years of this at home plus add in the fact that I am an infant toddler educator and carried children at work as well, my left hip and back was quite busted. My right side wasn’t off the hook either coz it had to compensate for the left side when it acted up. Enter Mark from Core Focus and his magic tricks. Seriously, it’s magic. He gave me exercises and patterns after an extensive physical exam to pinpoint the exact muscles to fix. I immediately felt relief but after about 2 weeks, wow, I had more energy and flexibility to move around.  Thanks, Mark, you’ve given this mama a new lease on life!” –J Saulog

“About 14 weeks ago, I had torn/strained my lower abdomen playing basketball and was in enough pain that I could not play at full speed and it also began to affect my sleeping and day to day movements. I was finding myself struggling to sit up, lift my feet in bed and sleeping became an arduous task because turning over was very painful. My initial thought was that it was groin strain and would slowly go away on its own, as it has in the past. But the lingering of the injury became more apparent, so I decided to go to a traditional physiotherapist. The therapist was able to decipher that the injury was across the lower abdomen and not in the groin area. Once the evaluation was complete, the therapist began me on some very simple exercises to try and strengthen my core area. These exercises mundane and generally not helping my injury, which also made it hard to motivate myself to do them. After almost 6 weeks of doing the exercises and showing little to no improvement, I decided to have a session with Mark. Mark’s evaluation was thorough. He tested all aspects of my lower body and core including flexibility, strength and responsiveness, which was not tested with my previous therapist. He was then able to pin point through the evaluation that my abdomen injury may have been caused by weakness in my lower back. After our first session, he sent me off with a routine of stretching and lower back strengthening to be done 3 times a day. The routine was short enough that I could fit it in at my lunch, dinner and just before bed, so I did it “religiously” as per his request. After a week of doing his routine/pattern, I was able to come back and play basketball at 60-70%.After the second week of doing the exercises, I was able to play again the following week at 80-90% with minimal discomfort and most of the soreness coming after playing.On the third week, Mark and I scheduled another session where we went over more stretching and more difficult core exercises to improve the injury and also to take my game to the next level. After just 3 weeks of working with Mark I was able to come back to 100% with no more soreness or sharp pain during or after playing. His core exercises and stretching have also immediately helped my explosiveness and efficiency on the court.I would HIGHLY recommend Mark to anyone with an injury. His motivation isn’t to milk you for money like many other therapists, but to help you recover more quickly, and get back to where you were before, maybe even better.Absolutely amazing!” –Ifraz Khan