What do I need for a virtual session?

  • A computer, phone, or tablet where you can download PhysiApp, a telehealth application compatible with desktop, iOS, and Android
  • A well lit room is preferred
  • If there is a lot of background noise in your room, headphones are helpful
  • Equipment may or may not be used depending on the session; there are many common everyday items around that house that can be used as fitness equipment

Are virtual sessions covered by ICBC?

  • Yes. To continue the care for claimants during this Covid-19 pandemic, ICBC has approved the use of virtual sessions

How do I know if virtual sessions are right for me?

  • Book a free assessment to see if virtual sessions could work for you

What’s your process?

  • Injury Analysis (isolate root cause of pain and design the most time and cost effective treatment plan)
  • Core Strengthening (core muscles support our spine, breathing, helps with balance and stability, and is essential for positive and lasting results)
  • Personable Workouts (develop customized workout programs that fit each person’s unique lifestyle while meeting personal goals)

What is Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)?

  • This therapy revolves around motor pattern reprogramming. The idea is that you will rid your body of pain and discomfort by identifying the main dysfunction which can be seen as compensations

What is Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P – DTR)?

  • Whenever you injure a certain part of your body, your brain’s perception of that area is altered and reduced, by using this body scanning method we will be able to normalize the injured area. In other words, you will have no more pain in an instant

Are your services covered by insurance or benefit plan?

  • My services are covered by ICBC and by some work benefit plans (i.e. Industrial Alliance)

How long will it take to fix my injury?

  • It depends on the type of injury and how many injuries you’ve had prior. When I treat clients I peel away layers of dysfunctions from the injury and past injuries with the intent of getting to the main problem, so that it doesn’t come back ever again. From the first session, you’ll know if the treatment is making you better

What if it takes several months or longer than a year to fix my injury?

  • We all have different definitions of wellness, my definition of wellness is different from yours. Once you feel better and are able to manage day-to-day tasks which normally don’t take too long (recovery time is heavily dependant on the severity and number of injuries you’ve had), it is completely up to you if you want to continue with sessions to find the main problem or lessen your visit according to your budget, availability, etc.

How often do you recommend I see you per week?

  • It depends on the severity of your injury, your availability, and budget. Normally, we recommend that you come twice a week

Can I personally talk to your clients to ask about their personal experiences?

  • Definitely!