Mark Salgado, B. Hkin., BCAK, NKT Level 3, P-DTR


  • Registered Kinesiologist (UBC), Health/Fitness Specialization
  • Neurokinetic Therapy Certified (NKT – Level 3)
  • Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex Certified (P-DTR)
  • Advanced training in Rehab & Functional Assessment
  • 10+ years working in health + fitness

Mark is passionate about improving the lives of others by eliminating pain and improving range of motion so they can get back to living an active and pain free life. He is continuously educating himself so he can better support, improve results, and minimize recovery time for his clients.

Currently Mark is working on “The Intermediate Series”, an online and in-person training course that which focuses on advanced biomechanical analysis for the body’s major joints and training in high-level diagnostics unique to P-DTR to hone his technique in the resolution of complex pain and dysfunctions.


Email Mark today to learn more and build an active rehab plan customized for you – ICBC Claims, chronic pain, sports injuries, injury prevention and management, increase range of motion.